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The Complete Guide to Smile Makeovers: Unlock Confidence in Your Smile

Not all dental treatments are primarily for medical health, some focus on restoring confidence in your health, which can translate into better self-esteem and aid in promoting overall dental health. When people feel confident about their teeth and gums, they tend to take better care of them, and nothing is wrong with having a smile makeover anyway. 


In this comprehensive guide, we walk you through how a smile is designed and what a cosmetic dentist considers when creating the smile you want at the end of your makeover.


Read on and learn all that goes into transforming your smile’s appearance, and discover a cosmetic dentist who delivers makeovers.


What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover isn’t one treatment, but a combination of several cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the overall appearance of your smile. As everyone’s teeth, smile, and overall dental needs are different, a cosmetic dentist develops a makeover based on the patient’s preferences and their current, overall oral health. 


Since a smile makeover’s goals are personal and individualized, the first step in pursuing one is a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. During this appointment, you’ll discuss what you want from the procedure, and what you dislike about your current smile, and go over dental conditions that can impact the makeover process.


Generally, a smile makeover can correct:


  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Change teeth color/teeth whitening
  • Replace lost teeth
  • Correct uneven gaps
  • Restore chipped or broken teeth
  • Adjust tooth length


Factors Considered in the Smile Makeover Process: How a Smile is Designed

A smile makeover accounts for many factors, from the teeth to the gums, and the face itself. Some aspects of a makeover require a cosmetic dentist to think about the impact changes can make on the smaller details of a smile while also any larger impacts they may have on the entire face. Think of it this way, when someone loses most of their teeth, the shape of their mouth changes and sags. 


Here is what a cosmetic dentist thinks about when a patient wants a smile makeover:


Facial Impact

The shape and proportions of your face are just as important to your smile as the color and alignment of your teeth. How your facial muscles change when smiling or speaking impacts the type of dental work and techniques used in your smile makeover.


The Gums

Gums are not only important health-wise, but they frame your teeth and impact your smile. To help create the smile you want, a dentist will pay attention to your gum line and how your teeth interact with them, such as the height of the gums, their color and texture, and if their even or uneven.


Small Details Matter

As with most things, small details can make a big impact. A cosmetic dentist will consider how your teeth reflect the light and if they have any unique colorations or marks to help give you a natural smile at the end of the makeover.


The Big Picture

While small aspects of your natural smile are important, the big picture needs to be kept firmly in mind when designing your smile makeover. Your cosmetic dentist will consider things like the width and length of your teeth, color contrast between them, the size proportions of individual teeth in relation to each other, and how your upper teeth line up with your lips. After all, the smile should appear as natural as possible, and considering these things helps ensure that in the end, your appearance does too.


Anatomy of a Smile Makeover

During a smile makeover process, a cosmetic dentist focuses on specific parts of your smile anatomy to complete the smile makeover as discussed during your consultation:


  • Lips: The lips are important in a smile’s look, for example, thin lips can make the gums appear excessive or that the teeth are big. When designing a new smile, the lips play a big role. 
  • Midline: The midline of the mouth is an imaginary line that runs down the center of the face and that can determine how the teeth should be evenly spaced on either side of this line. If they aren’t aligned, the smile can look crooked.
  • Teeth: This is the obvious one. Your teeth color, shape, and size determine the treatments used, such as teeth whitening or dental veneers. 
  • Smile Line: The midline may run top to bottom, but the smile line runs across from one corner of the mouth to the top of the lower lip. When designing a new smile, an uneven smile line can be very noticeable. The dentist will ensure that the line is parallel with the edges of the upper teeth and gum tissue on the lower jaw. 
  • Gums: As mentioned earlier, the color and texture of your gums play a big role in how your smile looks. 
  • Incisal Edge: This is a position that refers to how far your upper front teeth extend into the mouth from the gums.
  • Emergence Profile: The appearance of your teeth when looking at them from the side, which if done improperly, can make your smile look sunken instead of full.


Schedule a Complete Smile Makeover with a Bellevue Dentist

A smile makeover  can include a wide array of treatments depending on the current state of a person’s smile and their goals, but the above details give you a complete look at what is considered and the topics you’ll discuss with your cosmetic dentist. 


We at Bellevue aim to help all our patients improve their smiles and work with them to ensure they have the smile they want. If you’re searching for a dentist in Bellevue to help restore your smile with a smile makeover, look no further than the team at Bellevue Dentist.


Dr. Siamak Najafi is an accomplished dentist who has trained with the world’s leading dental pioneers. These days he teaches dentists from all over the world how to enhance the health and appearance of their patients’ smiles through state-of-the-art dentistry services.


Dr. Don Jayne is a nationally recognized leader in dentistry. He focuses on providing unparalleled expertise in cosmetic, general, implant, and sedation dentistry. He is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced techniques and effective technology available in dental care.


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