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Snap-On Dentures

Snap On a New Smile

Dentures come in many forms and deliver a restored smile with greater food options via the new set of teeth, but choosing the right dentures for you can be overwhelming. One popular option is snap-on dentures, a cross between dental implants and dentures that are often recommended for people who’ve suffered an injury or need replacement teeth due to a dental condition. 

What are Snap-on Dentures?

Snap-on dentures are sometimes called implant-supported dentures due to that the denture snaps onto screws that have been implanted into the jaw. The piece that snaps in is called the overdenture and snap-on dentures themselves are known to be highly versatile and more convenient than traditional dentures.


While learning about snap-on dentures, you may have noticed snap-in dentures as well. They are interchangeable terms that refer to how the overdenture is applied to the jaw implant and how they are put on or off by the person wearing them. Whenever you read “snap-in” it means the same as snap-on. 

Snap-In Dentures vs. Other Types of Dentures

There are several types of dental implants, but there are two main categories for dentures: removable and fixed. Snap-in dentures are a type of removable denture that is also a dental implant. When choosing which type of denture is best for you, consider how traditional removable dentures compare to the snap-on:


  • Traditional dentures are kept in place by suction or denture adhesives, which are applied at home and are removable, making it easier for them to come loose while eating, talking, or any activity that puts pressure on the mouth.
  • Removable dentures sit lightly in the mouth which can weaken the jawbone due to reduced use
  • Traditional dentures don’t always fit well as they’re made from a mold of your mouth. When they are poorly fitted, they can rub up against the gum line and damage the gums. 

Benefits of Snap-On Dentures

Snap-in dentures have several benefits over conventional dentures, including:

  • The jawbone is preserved and bone loss prevented
  • Many people consider snap-in dentures to look more natural than traditional ones
  • Snap-in dentures deliver better chewing abilities
  • Dentures that snap-in tend to fit better and are reportedly more comfortable due to less friction on the gums
  • The snap on denture is more stable than traditional removable dentures, making them less likely to come loose while talking.
Man getting teeth cast for dentures.
woman smiling.

Snap-In Denture Implant Procedure

As a type of dental implant, snap-in dentures are a much longer procedure than conventional dentures and have a longer recovery time:

  1. The dental implants are placed into the jaw. The implants can take between two and six months to bond with the bone and form a strong enough anchor for the overdentures.
  2. A second surgery may be needed to uncover the implants and attach the extensions if extensions weren’t already attached due to the type of implant system used.
  3. After the implants have been inserted and the jaw healed, a connecting device may be tightened down onto them to hold the overdentures in place.
  4. The dentures are created and attached to the connecting device 

Snap-In a New Smile and Improve Dental Health

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