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Gum Contouring: Achieve a Flawless Smile with Expert Dental Care

Your radiant smile is our expertise. Discover how our leading specialists, Dr. Siamak Najafi and Dr. Don Jayne, redefine dental aesthetics through expert gum contouring procedures. The smile frame consists of teeth and sometimes gum show (AKA. gummy smile), therefore occasionally the smile rejuvenation would involve some gum recontouring in addition to the procedures that will be done to the teeth. Unveil the artistry behind reshaping and perfecting your gum line, achieving harmony in your smile’s appearance and oral health. Explore this comprehensive guide to gum contouring surgery, recovery insights, and its remarkable benefits for your confidence and oral well-being.



What is Gum Contouring


Gum contouring is a surgical procedure done by your dentist. Also known as gum reshaping, it removes excess gum tissue for people with gum overgrowth or uneven gumline.


Gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure. But in some cases, it is done as part of the treatment for gum diseases if medications and dental cleanings do not work.



Causes of Uneven Gums


  • Genetics
  • Health conditions
  • Drug side effects
  • Gum or periodontal disease
  • Overgrowth or recession from wearing braces for too long
  • Teeth whitening options can resolve either or both types of stains. Below are teeth whitening options you can do at home and teeth whitening options you can expect in a dentist’s office.


Is Gum Contouring Painful


No. Before the procedure, local anesthesia will be given to numb your gums. Depending on the amount of gum to be reshaped, it is expected to experience a degree of discomfort. The dentist may even administer sedation dentistry to make you more comfortable. If you do, you will need a trusted figure to drive you home after the procedure.


Your dentist will prescribe pain medications after the procedure to help with the discomfort. Cold compress for 15-20 minutes relieves pain and swelling at home.



What to Expect in Gum Contouring Procedure


Before the Procedure


If you choose sedation, schedule who will be able to drive you home afterward.

The dentist would do the following before the procedure:

  • Discuss how you would like your smile to look, using photographs to study your smile carefully and to prepare the surgical plan and  marking the new gum line.
  • Measure the gum-to-tooth ratio to determine the amount of tissue to remove.
  • Measure bone levels to target minimum bone removal to prevent the risk of gum regrowth.

During the Procedure


Gum contouring takes 1-2 hours. Be sure to eat and go to the bathroom before sitting on the dental chair. Once anesthesia or sedation is administered, the dentist will do the following:

  1. Mark the new gum line with a special pen.
  2. Recontour the excess gum with a soft tissue laser, scalpel, or radiosurgery.
  3. Remove minimal amounts of bone around the tooth if necessary.
  4. Cover receding gums with tissue from your mouth, such as your palate. Sutures are placed to slow the bleeding and to help with the healing and maturation process.


After the Procedure


After the anesthesia wears off in several hours, you can take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications for any soreness. 15-20 minutes of cold compression can also help with the swelling.


For those who choose sedation, have a friend or family drive you home. Rest throughout the day.



Recovery from Gum Contouring


Recovery can take about seven days or less for the majority of cases. Most can return to work after a day.


During recovery, the person must avoid having the gums bleed again, keep the wound clean, and avoid stressing the gums.

  • Take the prescribed pain and antibiotics medications per instructions.
  • Brush, floss, and use antibacterial mouthwash to keep the treated gums clean.
  • Eat soft foods to avoid straining the gums.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and activities that can increase your heart rate, increasing bleeding, pain, and swelling.


When to Contact Your Dentist


If you experience the following symptoms after gum contouring, call your dentist.

  • Severe pain unaffected by medication
  • Profuse bleeding.


How Long Does Gum Contouring Last?


The results of gum contouring are permanent.


Do You Need Gum Contouring? Consult with Us!


Take the next step toward your dream smile by consulting our expert team at Bellevue Dentist. Whether you seek to address receding gums or desire a flawless gum line, our specialized procedures cater to your unique needs. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Najafi or Dr. Jayne to explore how gum contouring can transform your smile, ensuring not just cosmetic perfection but also fostering optimal oral health.



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