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Easier Dental Cleanings with AirFlow Technology

"I want an easier dental cleaning, and when I heard about AirFlow technology for dental hygiene, I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was a great teeth cleaning experience. And, my dental hygiene visit flew by in complete comfort. Needless to say, I’m a newly minted fan of AirFlow dental cleanings."

Why AirFlow for Dental Cleanings

AirFlow is a newer technology designed specifically for dental cleanings. The hygienists at Bellevue Dentist receive dedicated training to use the AirFlow system.


AirFlow is favored by many dentists and dental hygienists because it accomplishes two things that standard teeth cleanings cannot: 


  1. AirFlow allows dental hygienists to clean in smaller, less accessible areas of your mouth, like in between teeth at the gumline with less discomfort for you.
  2. AirFlow unilaterally removes more stains, biofilm, and plaque. This reduces the need for the scraping of teeth that so many of us find unenjoyable. 

The result of an AirFlow dental cleaning for many of us is cleaner teeth and a whiter smile. Plus, AirFlow cleanings are provided at the same cost as traditional dental cleanings. Most of us get a little more value and comfort out of the experience without paying more. Cha-ching! 


How AirFlow Cleans Your Teeth 

AirFlow cleans your teeth by combining air, water, and a specially designed fine powder. The proprietary AirFlow mix blasts off stains and plaque without damaging tooth enamel. It is a quick, painless, and effective process that leaves teeth clean and pretty. 


My AirFlow cleaning began with a blue wash over my teeth. Emily showed me where biofilm and plaque lived on my teeth. After a quick conversation about better flossing, we got started with the AirFlow cleaning. 


First, Emily cleaned the areas of my teeth called the pits and fissures. Pits and fissures are generally in the biting surfaces of our teeth, think of the tops of your molars like mountain tops. The jet nozzle of the AirFlow system provides a gentle, power-wash that gets into the grooves on your teeth and cleans away plaque. 


Next, Emily cleaned the interdental parts of my teeth. The interdental area is where a tooth meets the gumline. It’s often an area where scraping takes place for me. In this case, I felt a jet stream of water. It was totally comfortable. 


Finally, Emily moved the AirFlow handpiece over all of the surface areas of my teeth. She worked one quadrant at a time. That means the top front teeth to the right, then top front to the left. Next she went over my bottom teeth, treating the backsides and fronts of my teeth as she went. 


When it was all done, I looked in the mirror. It was a really easy cleaning experience with a fabulous result. My teeth looked polished and sparkly when I smiled. 

What to Expect After Your AirFlow Dental Cleaning 

My AirFlow dental cleaning was so efficient it ended about 5-10 minutes earlier than planned. Check out was easy. I left with a great smile and that just-from-the-dentist clean feeling. 


When I brushed my teeth before bed, I noticed a minor amount of swelling at the gumline. This is a sensation I often experience after a traditional dental cleaning. There was no discomfort. When I woke up the next day, it was gone. 


About 48 hours after my AirFlow dental cleaning, I used my at home whitening system to boost my results. My teeth look really great and I’m having fun sharing more smiles now.

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