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Dental technologies to keep your care comfortable and safe

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Jayne uses dental technologies to keep your care comfortable and safe because he is focused on enhancing your oral health. As such, we take great care in our choice of materials, technologies and techniques for all your dental treatments at our office.

What digital technologies do we use in our practice?

In order to stay true to our efforts to practice holistic dentistry, we take a very mindful approach to the materials, systems and methods used in our office. That’s why holistic dentistry uses biocompatible materials, less-invasive technologies and environmentally friendly practices. A few of the key ways this is put into practice is through the use of digital technology.

Intraoral Imaging

A revolutionary development in dentistry is the intraoral camera. The intraoral camera is like a live video tour of your mouth that allows Dr. Jayne to immediately spot new areas of concern and let you see them for yourself, in real-time. The sooner problems are spotted and diagnosed, the less invasive the treatment.

Digital X-rays

Unlike the heavy lead aprons of the past, today’s digital x-rays can reduce radiation exposure by as much as 90%, according to Dental Economics. With digital x-rays, a simple touch sensor is inserted into your mouth for instant images. Digital x-rays provide higher quality, clear imagery to see even the tiniest fractures that can be missed on traditional film. Digital x-rays are also instantly upload to computers, so there’s no need for film development and caustic chemicals.

Biocompatible material

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Jayne only uses non- toxic and biocompatible materials in treatments. Biocompatible dental materials are non-reactive and are designed to work with the body’s natural systems. For fillings, crowns and veneers, porcelain naturally adheres to your DNA and forms an actual bond with your body that is five times stronger than your natural teeth. Porcelain causes no harmful side effects and is the material of choice for its biocompatibility.

Sedation care

Sedation care is one of the more well-known technologies used in holistic dentistry. We use oral conscious sedation, also known as twilight treatment, to lessen anxiety and reduce your memory of the procedure. Dr. Jayne has undergone the rigorous training to be certified with the Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation and is an expert in sedation dentistry.

For sedation care to work, you’ll take anti-anxiety medicine to reduce your stress before your appointment. During your treatment, your blood pressure, oxygen intake and heart rate will be constantly monitored to make sure you are calm and well taken care of. During sedation care, you’ll be put into a state of extreme relaxation but still responsive enough to answer questions.

Paperless charting systems

In an effort to lessen our impact on the environment, we have also converted to a paperless charting system to reduce the amount of paper used in the office. Our software secured paperless charting is both environmentally friendly and an incredible time-saver. Paperless charting reduces record retrieval time by 25% in our office and means your dental images and information are right at our fingertips.

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