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Blending Cosmetic Dental Treatments Often Yields the Best Result

When you look at your smile and notice what you might consider are imperfections, what do you see? Is it stained teeth that could be whiter, gaps that could be closed, or perhaps a missing tooth that you’d like to have replaced? Most people would love to have a perfect smile, whether for personal relationships or for business reasons.


Fortunately, there are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that can correct every single issue you may find with your mouth or gums. Understanding what you want to correct and what your goals may seem vague, which is why you should speak with a cosmetic dentist about what your options are. Very likely, you may be able to see very good results with one procedure. However, there are many people who may benefit from blending cosmetic dental treatments to get the best looking smile and value. What it mostly comes down to, as with anything else, is time and money. However, worrying about cost should not be your first concern and should not be a roadblock to getting you the smile you deserve. Many cosmetic dentists can help you decide just how much you can and should spend during your initial consultation.  


Blending Cosmetic Procedures

People who have common needs, such as stained or gapped teeth may be able to have both corrections done with porcelain veneers. Or a combination of teeth whitening and dental bonding can get your teeth to the shade you want, as well as close any gaps in your teeth. Something like this is a fairly straightforward procedure. If you are missing teeth, the best solution is dental implants. The implant is surgically implanted into your jawbone, which will then act as a permanent root. This is capped with a porcelain crown that will match your natural teeth. This can be combined with teeth whitening for nicer results. If your teeth are misaligned, and you want a permanent restoration, braces or Invisalign are options. Any number of procedures can be combined to give you straight and gorgeous white teeth.  


Restoring Function First

Prior to giving you the white, straight smile of your dreams, your dental health must be addressed. Your teeth and gums should be at their optimum health prior to any cosmetic dental procedures. Problems such as gum disease need to be corrected in order to give your restorations the best chance for success. No matter if your teeth are chipped, broken, cracked, or missing, there is a cosmetic dental procedure to help correct the issue. Sometimes much can be done with one procedure. However, blending procedures, either at the same time or over time, often give the best result you can get.


Speak with a cosmetic dentist to see what combinations of procedures will work best for you by calling us at (425) 644-2205 or by sending an online visit request.

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